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i want to be able to walk into all the clothing store, ask for the smallest size possible. to know i can fit into everything. to know i will look good in anything ….

does anyone..

know any drugs or anything that can reduce appetite completely? xxxxxxxxx

Haha this will teach primary kids the right thing !
Haha. Yeah, that's me. Thanks. :) I'm not from Australia, I'm from New Zealand. But it's close! :P I, uh, don't eat and drink coke zero to stop myself from binging. xxxx

How much do you weigh now and height :)? I’m 162cm and weigh at 55kg :(:( I want to die ! I’m slowly cutting down on food and hopefully will be able to my eat unless infrint of family and friends ! How did you start with it ??

It's sad but true. Thin is all that matters. Love your blog by the way! So cute. xx

Omg is that you in your dp you totally gorgeous :)!! Are you from aus ? How do you go about starving yourself ? Xxx :)

Coffee diet !!

So cold today !
What’s the thought of burning more calories in the cold my followers ? Xxx have a lovely day !!

Where are you from?

Aus. You ?

Yeah fuck due by dates !